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You put a writing mat under the sheet you are writing on to improve the feel of pen/pencil on paper. It also protects lower sheets from mighty writing styles.

This one from Design Phil is a hard plastic and comes in two spacings – one has a 5mm grid with 10mm major divisions, and the other has a 10mm grid with no divisions. If you have a blank notebook or pad, these will come in very handy, and they even have rulers along the top and bottom edges. For letter writing, the 10mm grid offers the cleaner layout.

One side is matte and the other is clear. I like writing on the matte side, but it’s just individual preference.

Comes in one size only – B5, or 176x250mm, about 7×10. But don’t let the puny size keep you from using it in a letter- or A4-size pad. Just turn it sideways and budge it down when you need to. In fact, this size is a lot lighter to carry than the big A4-size mats.

Please note that grid lines are hard to see through papers of normal thickness like 20 lb copy paper. These work better with lean papers such as Tomoe Sea, airmail and onion skin.

Fantastic idea

Posted by Debbie on 13th Feb 2015

I wished this mat for use with the onionskin paper. I like straight lines & this is excellent in doing so.


Posted by Cathy on 7th Dec 2014

I normally like writing on several sheets of paper at a time for softness but tend to write uphill so needed a grid for under the Tomoe Sea paper. This grid was ideal. I wasn’t sure if I would like writing on a tighter surface, but had no issues and truly appreciated being able to actually write in a straight line.

Fairly nice

Posted by Azure Flash on 2nd Dec 2014

A nice addition to your writing arsenal. Permits you to write/draw straight on otherwise blank paper (if it’s skinny enough or you have a strong light source), leaving others baffled by your precision without any evidence of guide marks!

I have no doubt that it’ll also be fairly helpful as a hard surface for nibs and leads to rest onto, instead of a yielding and unstable pile of paper.

A lot of things could do what this item does, but this is a cut above anything you could improvise and priced below what it’d cost to reproduce it yourself. Put it in your cart, you won’t regret it!

P.S. I rated it Four/Five because I believe one could be made with an integrated ereader-style backlight. if it gets made and it turns out to be a bad idea, consider this a Five starlet review. P

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