100th Day of School Ideas for Kindergarten

Last week we celebrated the 100th day of school in my classroom, Kinder-Craze style. My students had a blast learning, counting and demonstrating their freshly acquired skill of numbers and quantities up to 100. My camera was nearby across the entire event and I am so excited to share the day’s highlights with all of you!

On the 100th day, my students arrived at school dressed in style. Each child was given an at-home assignment to create a T-shirt decorated with 100 objects in prep for the big day. This was a excellent way for the children to work creatively with their parents and express their interests. The children showcased off their freshly created t-shirts during our classroom style showcase.

Check out some of their superb fashions for the 100th day of school!

Ever since last year’s blog post about the 100th day of school, I have gotten dozens of questions from readers wanting more information about these t-shirts. Specifically, fans want to know how I word the letter to my classroom parents, explaining the details of the t-shirt assignment.

I always copy the 100th Day T-Shirt Letter onto brightly colored paper (so it is sure to grab the attention of my classroom parents). I also staple a 1/Two sheet of paper for the style showcase to the letter. Students work with their parents to finish the form explaining what decorations were used and why the student selected those items. Download a FREE editable template of my 100th Day of School letter to help you set up your own classroom style demonstrate.

Need some ideas to inspire your students as they create their 100th Day t-shirts?

I’ve got you covered! Pin and share the photo below for instant inspiration!

Of course, my students weren’t just displaying off their t-shirts on the 100th day. The kindergarteners also created hats at school that pridefully proclaimed themselves to be «100 Days Smarter.»

I copied the hat template onto white paper and mounted the pages onto brightly colored construction paper. The printable contains one hundred circles inwards of the number 100. Students can decorate these circles with crayons, petite bingo dotters, markers, or stickers. It’s a fine chance to work on fine motor abilities while also helping students to understand 100 as a quantity.

My students looked so stinkin’ adorable in their ended 100th Day of School Hats.

You can purchase 100th Day of School Hat from my TpT store.

Math wasn’t the only subject covered in my lesson plans on the 100th day of school. The class also worked together to write 100 words. My students were on a mission to finish the entire list of 100 words. They got so excited, that the finished list had a few repeated words, but their enthusiasm was precious!

My students also attempted to read 100 books! We didn’t fairly reach our objective, but our half day of school was action-packed. They worked hard and loved recording a tally mark each time a fresh book was read.

Each child in the class also write all of the numbers from 1 to 100.

This was a major accomplishment that was several weeks in the making. My students little by little worked their way up to writing all of these numbers with the help of my Differentiated Count & Write to 120 pack.

You can purchase Count & Write to 120 in my TpT store.

The number writing pack pairs well with Differentiated Number Mazes from 20 to 120. Together, these two products help students count, recognize, and print their numbers up to 120 by focusing only one one fresh decade at a time.

Of course, our 100th Day celebration wouldn’t be accomplish without the task of building a tower with 100 plastic cups! I very first discovered this frantically popular idea from Joyful Learning in KC. My students LOVED working together to build a structure with all those plastic cups.

Our final activity for the day was an chance to practice skip counting and release a little pent-up energy. We played hopscotch in the classroom!

I created the hopscotch game on the back of a Twister mat.The grid was created with Scotch Expressions Masking Gauze . The gauze is flawless for the mat because it adheres to the vinyl surface but also lifts lightly off without leaving any residue behind.

I printed and laminated multiples of Ten from 0 to 100 and used the same masking gauze to fasten the numbers to the mat. I like this makeshift option because it permits me to lightly switch the spaces on the mat as we learn fresh abilities in class (such as skip counting by 5s or 2s).

You can download Hop by 10s Skip Counting Numbers in my TpT store for FREE.

My students had an absolute blast as they hopped their way from zero to 100.

It was a very «hoppy» 100th Day of Kindergarten!

When is your 100th day of School? Do you feast in a special way? Please share your ideas in the comments… I’m already planning for next year’s celebration! You’ll also find more superb ideas for your 100th Day festivities in these blog posts. Click an photo for more inspiration!

Fine ideas! Love the literacy integration! I give my kids large 100 charts and they place Fruit Loops color coded by ems onto the chart and then string them to make a necklace. I send large lumps of vinyl tablecloth cut in rectangles home in a ziplock bag with a note for them to put 100 items on it and tie it around their neck to wear as Zero the Hero! They look adorable in their super hero capes! Last year one of my damsels had 100 cookie crisp cookies glued to hers! I have no idea how they got them on! We decorate car stock glasses that are in the form of 100 to wear as our super hero masks:)

Thanks for posting this! Excellent, joy ideas!

We spread 100th day out over a duo of weeks leading up to 100th day. We attempt to read 100 books, we make hats writing out 100 numbers (some students write 100 many times, others attempt to write lots of different numbers from the hundreds chart. We also have our VIP student bring in a Collection of 100 items on their specific day, avoiding too much chaos. They count each item on the hundreds carpet too. We also do 100 exercises to help use some of our extra energy. Because we do this over a duo of weeks, we get to attempt many different exercises. This year, we went on a 100 step walk and took pictures of us where we ended up and recorded it on our school map. 100th day lasted almost all of February!

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