A dark blotter or dark lump of construction paper can be placed under a page to cut down on brightness and to direct attention

Very high contrasts are difficult to achieve with color combinations other than black and white. Printed material, generally, is most readable in black and white. Text of printed materials should be printed with the highest possible contrast. Either use light (white or light yellow) letters on a dark (black) background or dark letters on a light background. This can be achieved using an electronic magnifier by reversing the polarity.

Highlighters & line guides
Highlighters, line guides, page markers and typoscope may be especially helpful to students who find it difficult to concentrate on a word or track a line of print.The typoscope blocks out the surrounding text permitting the student to concentrate on the significant information. Using a line guide with a highlighter increases the contrast of the print.

Acetate or Color Filters
Acetate or color filters placed over the printed page will darken the print as well as heighten the contrast of the print with the background paper. It’s usually preferred in yellow, but is available in other colors.

Bold Line Paper
For students who find it difficult to see the lines on regular writing paper, bold line paper is available in various formats, including graph paper, large-print staffs for music notation, and writing paper. This paper has dark lines and/or enlarged spaces for students who have difficulty using regular lined paper.

Writing Instruments
Permit student to use felt-tip pens (black or color) or 20/20 pens if the student needs a darker line and enhanced contrast. Usually preferred in black and available in various widths, these pens produce a bold letter or diagram. The use of different-colored markers will often help a student emphasize sections of his or her notes when scanning would otherwise be difficult. Similarly, permit the student to use a mechanical pencil as these pencils don’t become abate. A highlighting pen can be used to draw student’s attention to certain words and improve contrast inbetween the print and the page.

If the student needs to be able to erase, as most students will, the Faber-Castell #8B is a bold line pencil that does not run or smudge and provides a bold line. It has a soft lead that requires a gentle press to write. It can also be erased unlike markers.

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