A list of journals and publishers that suggest rapid publication

As a go after up to our post on rapid publication, we thought of looking up journals and publishers that help authors with rapid publication. Listed below are a few journals and publishers that you could consider if you are interested in a rapid track publication.

More about our list:

  • This list is not inclusive, nor was it intended to function as a comprehensive directory listing every journal or publisher that offers rapid publication.
  • We have included basic information about acceptance and publication timelines as stated on the journal/publisher websites. We advise that you choose a journal/publisher only after meticulously reviewing the information about the journal/publisher and evaluating the extent to which it is suited to the scope of your research.
  • You might find our tips on choosing the right journal for your paper useful.
  • You could also use journal selection devices such as Journal Guide BETA and Journal Finder to seek journals that provide decisions within shorter turnaround times.

Our words of caution:

  • Beware of predatory or bogus publishers who lure authors with attractive assurances but are only looking to poach original ideas.
  • Weigh the pros and cons of conventional peer review and rapid, post-publication peer review with regard to your research and choose the option that helps your research best.

Journals that suggest rapid publication

Disciplines covered
Timelines suggested
Extra information
Journal of the American Heart Association
Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular diseases
Time to publication – 21 days from acceptance
Open access publication; involves article publication charges; offers discounts to founder/fucking partner institutions.
The Journal of the American Medical Association
Medicine, Public Health
Time to very first decision – Trio days for initial decision without review, 40 days with review. Time to publication – 2-22 days for online publication and 39 days for publication in print.
Original investigations are loosely available to the internal network instantly after publication, and 6 months after publication on the JAMA website.
Biological Psychiatry
All disciplines and research areas relevant to the pathophysiology and treatment of major neuropsychiatric disorders
Time to very first decision – <20 days (editorial rejections within Five days). Time to publication – online publication within 7 days of acceptance, print publication within 2-3 months of acceptance.
Accepted articles are published online, prior to copyediting and typesetting, and are citable within 7 days of final acceptance. Corrected proofs are published online ahead of print within 28 days. Articles are published in print 4-6 months after acceptance.
Clinical and basic studies of all aspects of the digestive system
Time to very first decision – 21 days (editorial rejections within 3-7 days). Time to publication – Trio months.
Subscribers can view accepted manuscripts within 3-5 days of acceptance as “Articles in Press”; these cannot be publicized as accepted manuscripts or uncorrected proofs.
BMC Biochemistry
All aspects of the biochemical process
Time to very first decision – 6 weeks. Time to publication – Published online instantly after acceptance; fully formatted version published within Four weeks of acceptance.
Involves article processing charges.
FEBS Open Bio
Molecular and cellular life sciences in both health and disease
Time to very first decision – 25 days. Time to publication – 45 days.
Accepted articles are published online within Five days. Author-corrected final versions are available within 20 days.
Applied Physics Express
Applied physics
Time to very first decision – 20 days. Time to publication – May differ across article types.
A letters journal – emphasis is given to developing and emerging fields in applied physics. Authors are requested to finish revisions within Two weeks.
Biological and medical sciences (also freshly launched PeerJ Computer Science)
Time to very first decision – 24 days. Time to publication – 51 days.
Offers paid lifetime publishing plans. Goes after post-publication peer review. Authors can also submit to PeerJ PrePrints to receive feedback – PeerJ PrePrints are published online within 24 hours of conformity.
Quarterly journal of Experimental Psychology
Experimental Psychology
Time to very first decision – May differ based on the type of subjugation. Time to publication – In print within Three months (for rapid communications). Accepted (not corrected) articles published online within 7 days.
Uses the ScholarOne subjugation system. Accepted rapid communications are given priority in the publication cycle.

Publishers that suggest rapid publication

Disciplines covered
Timelines suggested
Wiley Open Access
Several journals across biological, chemical and health sciences
Time to very first decision and publication may differ across journals. Accepted manuscripts are listed on PubMed.
BioMed Central
All areas of biology and medicine
Typically peer review decisions take less than Two months. Accepted manuscripts are published online instantly.
Elsevier Rapid Publications
Available for Clinical Therapeutics and Gender Medicine
Time to very first decision – Harshly Two.Five weeks. Accepted manuscripts are processed within 2-3 weeks and are published within Two days of author approval. Authors are requited to pay an extra fee.
F1000 Research
All original basic scientific, translational and clinical research within the life sciences and medicine, including negative results and null studies.
Time to publication – 7 days. Articles are published online before peer review starts and are marked as “awaiting peer review.” Manuscripts are fully formatted when they are published and can be cited. Articles processing charges apply.
Taylor & Francis
Applies to most Taylor & Francis journals but the options may differ across journals
Trio systems for rapid publication: (1) Accepted Manuscript online (AM) feature – The final but uncorrected version is posted online within Five working days. (Two) VoR, or Version of Scholarly Record – The correct typeset version of the accepted manuscript is published. (Trio) For some journals, selected articles are queued up for the next available issue.
Medical and health sciences
Average time from subjugation to very first decision is 2-3 weeks and from acceptance to publication 8-10 weeks. Rapid track publication offers online publication within Four weeks for manuscripts that are of exceptional clinical importance and urgency. BMJ Open provides authors with an initial decision within Four weeks of initial conformity.
Dove Medical Press
Open access, peer reviewed journals publishing in the fields of technology, science, and medicine
For almost all of the Dove Press journals, the average time for peer review is 2-3 weeks and the editorial decision is made within 2-7 days of the peer review decision. The average wait time for the final decision is under Four weeks. For 2016 the rejection rate across all Dove journals was 53%.

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