Groundhog Facts Animal Investigate

Engage your class in an arousing hands-on practice learning all about groundhogs! This Groundhog: An Animal Investigate is flawless for science in Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, Very first Grade, and 2nd Grade classrooms and packed utter of inviting science activities.

Students will learn about the difference inbetween groundhogs and beavers, mammals, parts of a groundhog, and a groundhog can, have, are craftivity. When students are done they can accomplish a groundhog research project. This pack is superb for homeschoolers, kids craft activities, and to add to your unit studies!

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Groundhog Facts Animal Examine

To get commenced instructing your kids about these groundhog facts, you’ll want to understand what is included in this fine set. This animal explore is a fine place to begin. Check out our list below and tips for how to begin with your joy unit explore on reindeer. This is an ideal project to work with your children in the classroom or at home during the holiday season.

Inwards The Groundhog Facts Animal Explore You Will Find:

-Science Lesson Plans for the week
-Definition Posters – 7 pages
-Groundhog and Beaver Venn Diagram Anchor Chart Lumps – Two pages
-Groundhog and Beaver PowerPoint – 14 pages
-Groundhog and Beaver Posters (exact same as PowerPoint above) – 14 pages
-Groundhog and Beaver Writing and Venn Diagram Worksheet – Two pages
-Groundhog PowerPoint – Nineteen pages
-Groundhog Posters (exact same as PowerPoint above) – Nineteen pages
-Can, Have, Are Craftivity –3 pages
-Am I a Mammal Sort Posters – Five pages
-Am I a Mammal Sort (with real animal pictures) – 7 pages
-Am I a Mammal Worksheet – 1 page
-Parts of a Groundhog Poster – 1 page
-Parts of a Groundhog Worksheet – Two pages
-Groundhog Fact Book (Two versions included) – Trio pages
-Groundhog Research Project Craftivity – Trio pages

Materials Needed for Groundhog Facts Animal Explore:

How To Prepare Your Groundhog Facts Animal Probe

This particular resource is total of an assortment of activities and centers, therefore, prep will vary. Below is a quick rundown of each component in the Groundhog Facts: An Animal Investigate.

Science Lesson Plans for the Week

Across the week students will be completing science activities about groundhogs. They will learn the difference inbetween a groundhog and a beaver, a «can, have, are» craftivity, parts of a groundhog, animals that are mammals and animals that are not, and then apply everything they have learned at the end of the week by creating a groundhog fact book or groundhog research project.

There are seven different definition posters to help students better understand key vocabulary words about groundhogs.

Groundhogs and Beavers PowerPoint and Posters

There is a twelve page PowerPoint that describes the similarities and differences inbetween groundhogs and beavers. Real pictures are included. If you do not have access to a computer, there are identical posters that you can use instead.

Groundhogs and Beavers Venn Diagram

As a class, everyone will accomplish a groundhog and beaver Venn Diagram. The chunks to accomplish this activity are included. Students can accomplish a groundhog and beaver comparison worksheet when finished. There is also a Venn Diagram worksheet included for students to accomplish.

Groundhog Facts PowerPoint and Posters

There is a fifteen page PowerPoint that introduces students to groundhogs in this animal examine. Real pictures are included. If you do not have access to a computer, there are identical posters that you can use instead.

Can, Have, Are Groundhog Craftivity

There are two different versions of the worksheet for students to finish, depending on your students’ ages. There is also a template for students to color and cut out for the craft part of this activity.

Am I a Mammal? Sort and Worksheet

Since groundhogs are mammals, I thought it would be joy to include a sort that talked about which animals are mammals and which ones are not. There are 24 real pictures of animals for students to sort according to whether or not they migrate or do not migrate. Upon completion of the lesson, students can accomplish a worksheet.

Parts of a Groundhog Animal Examine

There is a poster that shows the different parts of a groundhog. Upon completion of the lesson, students will finish a worksheet that will require them to label the different parts of a groundhog.

Groundhog Animal Probe Facts Book

This is flawless for junior students that are not fairly ready for a research project. This craftivity has students apply everything that they have learned during the week. They will write five groundhog facts and illustrate each fact. For students that are incapable to write just yet, the five groundhog facts are already written and students will simply illustrate each fact.

Groundhog Research Project Craftivity

If you would like your students to accomplish a groundhog research project, this craftivity is for you! Students will research a groundhog’s appearance, habitat, behaviors, diet, predators, and adaptations. There is also a source page so students can list where they found the information. This animal examine has something for everyone in your classroom, and is a accomplish kit to truly work their minds in all areas.

Download your Groundhog Facts Animal Investigate Below!

Are you ready to implement Groundhogs: An Animal Investigate into your classroom or home?

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This is a excellent animal investigate for Groundhogs and other creatures that will fit ideally into your classroom in January and February. Don’t hesitate to take a look at all of our other excellent animal examine guides and ideas in the links below!

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