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How can you make the most of the digital spaces you and your students use every day? Having tools that help students and teachers work safely and productively is important. So I was excited when the team at Impero reached out to me this fall.

If you haven’t heard the news, Impero launched a new cloud-based suite of solutions to encourage safe, productive digital learning. These tools are made to be easy-to-use for all members of your school community. And they come with free student well-being software.

Cloud-Based Digital Learning

Impero’s new tools work together to put student safety first. They work in all of the digital spaces students and teachers use. This includes all five major operating systems — Chromebooks, Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. As you can see in the video below, Impero takes care of student device management and helps support student wellbeing all from one powerful cloud-based platform.

Let’s dive into each of these tools together!

Virtual Classroom Management

Impero class:room is a powerful digital classroom management tool that supports more collaborative learning experiences for students. It provides easy-to-use, cloud-based classroom management tools for teachers. And it helps teachers create engaging digital lessons from anywhere and on any device thanks to its cloud-based technology.

Teachers can use Impero class:room to run websites, create groups, and even block or allow specific websites. With this tool, teachers can lock screens and internet access if they are switching activities or bringing a group of students together to focus on a new task. It works for distance learning when students might log in at different parts of the day and in blended learning classrooms where students are all together in the same space.

Impero class:room works with popular collaboration tools and is fully integrated into Microsoft Teams. Impero class: room allows teachers to monitor student online activity in real-time and focus online learning alongside the communication and collaboration tools schools already use.

Learn more about Impero here >>

Staying Safe Online

Impero back:drop is Impero’s free tool to support student wellbeing. It helps schools record, manage and track student health and safety concerns, including everything from complex mental health issues to COVID-19 symptoms. Schools can pair it with Impero’s other tools, Impero class:room and Impero well:being (more on that below), to create a well-rounded understanding of a student’s online and offline wellbeing. Impero back:drop allows individuals to report concerns taking place in the classroom or off-site.

With Impero back:drop, schools can prioritize alerts about students who they believe may need extra support. It provides educators with  quick access to data about a student in order to provide extra support or help.

Impero back:drop makes it easier for schools to prioritize student mental health and can be accessed from any device at any time. Impero back:drop is cloud-based, which means it will work the same in just one school or across 50 schools. The goal is to help school leaders keep students safe in any learning environment — both traditional classrooms and remote learning initiatives. It also helps schools maintain staff training records too. This way, all relevant documents are right alongside a single, central record.

Keyword Detection Software

In addition to Impero class:room and Impero back:drop, there are two other tools within the Impero digital learning suite to share.

Impero web:check is a web filter for schools that uses artificial intelligence to block web content containing pornography, substance abuse, extremism, and many other categories of sensitive material. This tool is customizable, and districts can set up filtering actions at different levels. Schools, groups, or individuals can have tailored access to different resources. Impero web:check is CIPA-compliant, too, and protect students from harmful or malicious content.

Impero well:being provides an additional level of internet safety by using. This technology uses keyword detection to capture and record early warning signs of harmful online behavior. Its keyword library index contains tens of thousands of keywords related to topics such as suicide, mental health, bullying and radicalization. The software alerts designated staff members (with the right permissions) about potentially concerning online behavior to make sure students who may need support are identified.

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There is so much within this cloud-based digital learning suite from Impero! Are you ready to learn more? Visit Impero Software’s website and book a demo today.
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