How can you create activities that engage students during online classes? Making sure that students are interested in and excited about the content you share is essential. You can create an environment for online learning that is visual, engaging, and fun.

Earlier this spring, the folks at Raptivity reached out to me to share two versions of their eLearning product. One is for teachers, professors, and trainers who use videos and online instruction to host virtual classes. The other is for instructional designers, authors, and subject matter experts, as well as teachers who make their own eLearning courses. 

In this blog post, I’ll share details about the two Raptivity versions – Raptivity 2020 and Raptivity Virtual Classroom, and the details on how you can start for free!

A Tool for Online Classes

Raptivity is a tool that lets users create highly visual and stimulating eLearning experiences for students. You don’t need a background on programming or computer science, or need any experience building a website. Instead, you can combine online learning activities to create a virtual classroom experience for students.

With Raptivity, online instructors can combine engaging activities (including games and quick quizzes) alongside video conferencing experiences. So this tool goes hand-in-hand with experiences you and students might already be familiar taking part in, like video calls hosted on Google Meet or Zoom. 

Let’s jump into Raptivity Virtual Classroom (for teachers and instructors) and Raptivity 2020 (for online courses) so you can see which one is the best fit for you and your students!

Raptivity Virtual Classroom

Raptivity Virtual Classroom is specially designed for teachers. This includes professors and trainers using online video platforms to deliver virtual classes in any subject area. It includes fully responsive activity templates and a simple drag and drop interface. As I mentioned earlier, there is no need to do any programming; everything is ready for you to arrange and organize as you like.

Teachers can launch in-session activities right from Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or any of the other video conferencing platforms you might use. With Raptivity Virtual Classroom, you can also assign activities for students to complete before or after class. They can work on a desktop or laptop computer, or a mobile device they have access to at home.

The demo video above gives you a peek into Raptivity so you can get a feel for it with a behind-the-scenes look. If you don’t have time to watch the full demo now but would like to revisit it, bookmark this page or save the video to your YouTube account to check out later.

Raptivity 2020

Are you an eLearning producer who creates courses for a broader audience? Raptivity 2020 is for educators who produce eLearning courses. So if you’re an instructional designer, course author, or subject matter expert, this might be for you.

Raptivity 2020 is full of unique interaction templates. Just like Raptivity Virtual Classroom, there is a simple drag and drop interface with no programming experience needed. The templates work well on mobile, and you can create engaging micro-learning experiences for your students. Raptivity 2020 is also SCORM and xAPI compliant.

The big difference between Raptivity 2020 and Raptivity Virtual Classroom is SCORM and xAPI compliance. So if you are creating content for students and don’t need these two features, Raptivity Virtual Classroom is the best fit for you!

Create Online Classes Using Raptivity 

The team at Raptivity is currently running an offer on Raptivity Virtual Classroom. The quarterly subscription is now available at $30. This offer is valid till July 31, 2020. Start now for free, and learn more about this offer by heading to Raptivity’s landing page!
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