How are you collecting data this year? Collecting information from students and families and keeping data organized is often a challenge. There is a special tool you can use to teach in a classroom setting or participating in distance learning initiatives. JotForm Report Builder transforms data collected from forms into presentation-ready reports. 

Regular readers of the blog might also remember that I’ve shared JotForm in the past. They have a robust tool you can use in lots of ways. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at this tool. If you’re teaching virtually this year, check out this tool for building forms for students and/or families.

A useful tool for virtual learning

JotForm Report Builder is a useful tool for virtual learning. It takes the data you collect from online forms and turns it into visuals. You can use these presentation-ready reports to share any data you collect. In a distance learning environment, you can gather information remotely and share it in a variety of formats. So if you are presenting information on data you’ve collected to your school community, this will come in handy.

How does JotForm Report Builder work? 

JotForm users can access the Report Builder from the ‘My Forms’ dashboard. It is included in every plan, whether you are using the free or paid version. There’re lots of ways to use the JotForm Report Builder in education settings.

For example, you might use the Report Builder for:

Student quizzesParent feedback on virtual learningStudent feedback surveysAnd more!JotForm is an accessible and easy-to-use online form builder. It’s an all-in-one data collection solution for schools, districts, and any organization looking to organize data. It is certainly perfect for gathering, organizing, and analyzing important student, teacher, and parent information.

Why you might want to use a Report Builder

There are lots of benefits to using the Report Builder. JotForm Report Builder instantly turns collected online form data into presentation-ready reports. This means if you want to share the data you’ve collected with other people in your community JotForm makes it easy.

There is also the option for design customization with the Report Builder. The design options include the ability to present data with charts, data tables, color palettes, images, icons, and shapes. You can choose from extended or compact design options as you build your data presentations. There is also a drag-and-drop tool that allows for reconfiguring of report elements. Additionally, you have the opportunity to add or remove slides to improve presentation flow.

Once you make your report, there are a few different secure-sharing options. You can share reports via a link or by email or even embed it into a website. Users can also download and print PDF reports. As you get ready to share a report, you can decide if you want to make your report private, public, or accessible to people only in your organization.

I love all of the options for sharing data you collect! Ready to get started? Check out the JotForm Report builder here!
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