How to Write a Thesis Essay

Throughout your paper, your thesis statement should be a key element. It encapsulates the overall argument you’re making and provides a road map for your essay. A thesis statement should be debatable and convey your opinion, acknowledging that there’s an opposite viewpoint. It also acknowledges that your argument is not necessarily supported by evidence. To […]

How to Write a Thesis Statement For an Informative Essay

An informative essay needs a strong thesis statement to capture your audience’s attention. Unlike other kinds of essays, informative essays require a specific purpose statement. The thesis statement for an informative essay should state the topic or purpose of the essay. Listed below are some examples of thesis statements for different types of essays. Make […]

How an Expert Writer Should Revise an Argumentative Essay

Revision involves making structural changes to an argumentative essay. The initial drafting process is typically a time for discovering ideas and refuting counterarguments, and simply tweaking individual sentences won’t help clear up the argument. Instead, revision involves bringing the strongest ideas to the front of the essay, reorganizing the main points, cutting unnecessary sections, and […]

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