In this episode, Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark share tips for creating an infused classroom while teaching remotely. They share strategies for using Microsoft Education’s tools, integrations with other EdTech favorites, and stories from their experience supporting educators with distance learning.

This week’s podcast is titled: Infused Classroom Tips for Remote Learning with my guests Tanya Avrith and Holly Clark. With many schools tackling remote learning challenges, over the next few weeks you’ll hear from educators who are trying out new teaching strategies and adapting to distance learning. In addition to my normal, quick episodes with classroom tips, you’ll see a few episodes pop up like this one with more in depth interviews.

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Infused Classroom Tips for Remote Learning

So let’s make this EdTech easy…

Determine your “why” for using technologyTake stock of what is already working as a foundationDecide what you can layer on to provide valueReflect and share your experienceSubscribe & Review on Apple Podcasts

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