How to Write a Song Title in an Essay

How to Write a Song Title in an Essay

If you’re wondering how to write a song title in an academic essay, don’t worry. Here are a few guidelines. APA style requires song titles to be enclosed in quotation marks. In other words, you can’t underline the song title. Use idioms to inspire song titles. They evoke curiosity and make us feel good. Ultimately, they help us express our ideas.

Idioms are excellent inspiration for song titles

Many idioms can be found in song titles. The phrase “dream come true” refers to something that was impossible that somehow became a reality. In this Hall and Oates song, a guy meets the girl of his dreams but his dream gets mixed up with reality. The song title is a clever twist on a cliche and can help catch the listener’s attention. You can find examples of idioms in song titles by searching the music library alphabetically or by browsing a list of idioms. The Urban Dictionary is another great resource for twisting slang phrases and idioms.

They evoke curiosity

How can you use song titles to evoke curiosity in your essay? The trick is to make them compelling, relevant, and unique. There are over 1 million songs on the market, and an independent artist can have access to more of them than he or she could ever listen to. A compelling song title will pique the attention of readers and prompt them to read the essay. Here are some examples of song titles that work:

They make people feel good

Scientists have been trying to understand how songs can inspire people to feel good, and they have finally come up with a mathematical formula. The research, conducted by Jacob Jolij, an assistant professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Groningen, is published in the journal Psychological Science. Jolij used a database of 126 feel-good songs from the last 50 years to determine what makes a tune feel good.

Generally, the title of a song sets the expectations of the listener about what the song will be about. It should not deceive the listener. However, song titles are flexible, and they can surprise listeners. A good title should be catchy, but it should not be misleading. If it is written well, a song’s title will make listeners feel good. The best song titles are memorable and catchy.

They help you express ideas

You might be wondering how song titles help you express ideas, but this doesn’t have to be difficult. A song’s title can be anything – it could be a question, an image, a feeling – or it can be a phrase that evokes a specific emotion. As you brainstorm ideas, think about the questions that the title might raise. These ideas can be used as the basis for writing the lyrics.


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